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OCEANIK is the exclusive importer and distributor for diving equipment from the American manufacturer HUISH OUTDOORS for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The  brand unites the manufacturers OCEANIC, HOLLIS, ATOMIC AQUATICS, ZEAGLE and STAHLSAC. The offer in the store is supplemented by equipment from the brands OCEANREEF, COLTRI SUB, FABER, OCEANREEF, NIMAR and SUNLINE.

Our story with the sale of diving equipment dates back to 2011, when we opened a specialized store with diving equipment. Since we had been dealing with underwater works before and there was no store on the market where we could  try the equipment before buying, we decided to fill this gap with our store.

The offer of our store includes everything that both a professional and amateur diver needs. It includes a wide range of scuba diving products such as masks, fins, regulators,  wet and dry suits, computers, cylinders, buoyancy compensators, , underwater communication and more. Various waterproof camera housings and cameras with additional lighting are available for underwater shooting.

Especially for diving associations and organizations, there is an interesting offer of high-pressure compressors for filling cylinders and accessories for them, such as special lubricating oils, air filters and other spare parts.

The entire offer is presented in the online store.

The equipment can be seen in our store in Koper, where we will also advise you on the choice. You can also order it online, with home delivery.

SEPAdiver – how it started!

Since our major equipment supplier took neoprene suits from the sales program in 2016, we were faced with the question of how to proceed knowing that a diving suit is one of the key pieces of equipment that every diver has.

We started thinking in the direction of our own production of neoprene suits and set out in search of suitable machines. Our research coincided with the closure of the famous Sepadiver store in our area. Since the opportunity arose to buy their entire sewing room together with the already established clothing brand, we made the final decision and embarked on an independent journey of making neoprene products.

We started with the typical sizing of wetsuits, for which we received very positive reviews from the market, so we did not change the basic sizing. When we got to know the world of making neoprene suits better, we also introduced custom-made suits in the production program. When winter came and it got cold in the sea, we also tackled dry-suits – the latter are custom made for familiar customers.

Over time, the market has also shown a desire for other neoprene products. We are still developing our production day by day and adding more and more new products ( slippers, bottle coating, key rings, mouse pads, …).



  • wet neoprene suits
  • dry and semi-dry neoprene suits
  • spearfishing suits
  • custom suits
  • unique suits
  • other neoprene products at request

Given that we believe that neoprene as a material still has a lot of potential, and we are a young and enthusiastic team, we are happy to look to the future 🙂

 Everyone is warmly invited to contact us!